My regular readers must be aware by now that I love everything and anything Japanese – from their culture to cuisine to anime and it should not come as a surprise that looking for another authentic Japanese cuisine experience – recently visited the ever so popular eating joint Yum Yum Cha. The outlet we visited was the Khan market one which is located on the first floor middle lane. And to our luck they have just revamped there menu and we now have a much more options to choose from.


The lunch started with couple of exotic drinks – dmoked mango and Thai orange and kafir lime. They come in these cute little bottles with a long tooth pick to pick the fruits from the bottle as you enjoy the drink. These two drinks are the absolute must have – and especially loved the smoked mango – it does provide a complex flavor with the smoke that is added.


Now coming to the meal – we started with few of the dim sums. Shanghai – super crunch with broccoli, snow peas, pepper in a spicy sauce.
Fire roasted corn  – roasted yellow corn with chili garlic, we ordered two portions of it (that’s how much we liked it).
Thai chili – shredded chili, basil, coconut, eggplant, soy


This was followed by sushi rolls – Enchanted forest and Krunchy kale-fornia. The names were that propelled us to order these and we were not disappointed. Enchanted forest – enoki, avocado with sesame wafu dressing and Krunchy kale-fornia – crispy kale, shichimi, cucumber and avocado


Coco-nut and Thai ice tea were part of the second round of drinks. The Thai ice team was very interesting it comes with condense milk and ginger. We decided to dive depper into the menu with vegetable spring rolls (I know I know) and takoyaki -which are these Japanese dumpling and were filled with cheese and peppers. They do have other variations available too. Will surely try the octopus filled takoyaki on my next visit.


So far all good and then came the pièce de résistance (a little french thrown in) – the sizzling stone ball with sticky rice and butter pepper garlic sauce loaded with mushroom, chives, bell peppers, corn and tofu. The serve comes on you table with this huge and super hot stone bowl with all the ingredients and they mix them all up – right in front of you with all the sights and sounds to leave you wonderstuck.


The dessert – best part of the meal were the mochi ice cream – match and blackberry flavors. Ice cream covered in stick rice flour coating and the chocolate mud pot – which if you have ordered it your self, one could easily be fooled into thinking it’s a regular mud pot and nothing chocolaty about it.


To answer the question – Is it worth a visit? My answer would be YES! From the origami type interiors, to super friendly staff, the Asian cuisines that they offer along with the beautifully presented dishes that would wow you. This is one of those places that a must visit and the experience is totally worth it. A piece of advise do get a reservation done – we visited here around noon and the places was already full to the brim.


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Author: Abhay Thakur