The Terrifying Story of the Sinkhole that Devoured a Building in Mexico City


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A sinkhole appeared on the pavement of one of the busiest avenues in Mexico City. It was deep and wide but there was no warning when it opened.

The sinkhole swallowed up a three-story building, which was home to five families. The ground had been slowly sinking for months before the hole appeared overnight without warning.

Soon after the sinkhole opened, authorities tried using construction equipment to remove debris from the site and see how deep it was. They were unable to find solid ground anywhere below 40 meters and they had been looking for about 24 hours as of Thursday night.

The cause of this potential tragedy is still unknown, but officials say it may have been caused by rainwater seeping into old pipes that were poorly maintained by the defunct water company that used to run Mexico City.

Why do these Terrible Things Happen? – The science behind sinkholes

Sinkholes are a naturally occurring phenomenon. Geologists have studied sinkholes and their causes for over 100 years. The most common cause of sinkholes is groundwater, which dissolves the bedrock and creates depressions in the land that these holes can form in. Groundwater is not the only cause of sinkholes though. Earthquakes, changes in surface water flow, construction, and even heavy rainfall can all lead to them.

What’s next for this Mexican City landmark?  – How can we stop these disasters from happening again?  – What if this happened in my city or country?

The Mexican City landmark is in danger and needs to be restored.

The National Institute of Anthropology and History has been working on the restoration of this historic structure for the last few years. And they are getting closer to restoring it thanks to people around the world who have donated money.

Conclusion: The World Can’t Afford to Let More Buildings Fall Victim to Sinkholes

The world can’t afford to let more buildings fall victim to sinkholes. If we do, we’ll have to worry about the safety of our homes as well as the environment.

I think there needs to be an investigation into why so many buildings are falling victim to these sinkholes when they’re built on solid ground.