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“Remote Working & Productivity” – A Debatable topic?

Imagine sitting in a café situated on a hill top surrounded by snow, giving final touch to the project report while waiting for the trek guide to proceed for trek to Hampta Pass.

This is a typical work plus travel life style most of digital nomads are following in the present age.

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Decade long ago, working remotely was a distant possibility with limited access to modern mode of communication. If your boss or manager wanted to get in touch with you when you were away from office such as on a family vacation, travelling to interior areas or on a trek, they couldn’t e-mail or message you. The best they could have done is to connect with you on an alternate contact number.

The only jobs which could have done justice to work remotely at that time were either customer service/customer care or telemarketing jobs. Such jobs were considered only a bridge jobs & were never a full time career.

Why Remote Working?

Working remotely is about freedom of choosing when & where to work.

It does not matter if you are sitting in a cubical or close to nature in foothill of Himalayas. The privilege is to deliver your work in time without worrying about missing those awesome networking events or hiking on a mountain the very next day.

Most of 9 to 5 styled employees slog themselves for entire year before taking a break of a week for getting that breathing space & enjoying time with family.

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However, these employees are not spared even during vacations & most of them are found attending phone calls or responding to e-mails. This leads to lot of discontentment & frustration among employees & is the biggest factor of high employee attrition in lot of corporations.

Corporations have realized the fact that having liberal work policies of allowing their work force to work remotely at least partially is becoming a winning proposition for high employer retention.

As a matter of fact, Remote working is now becoming a common place trend for corporations with having done detailed research on employee happiness quotient.

In the US only, more than 40% of workforce will be telecommuting by 2020.

Allowing to work remotely gives an opportunity to employees to give equal space to their work, spending that quality time with family & fulfilling their passion. This in turn results in nurturing better employer & employee relationship, improved confidence/trust level & employee happiness quotient.

Why a company should consider remote working?

From a corporation’s standpoint, remote working offer huge scope of upskill & financial benefits.

Hiring freelancers , digital nomads & remote workers provides an opportunity to huge talent pool & hire diverse skill set from across the world.

Besides, corporations can do away with the office space & start picking up slots in co-working spaces for the hired remote workers. In addition to this, corporations do away with the legacy costs such as pension, PF & healthcare costs by not hiring permanent employees.

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With such a paradigm shift in hiring practices & adoption of liberal work policies, corporations have even started subscribing to services of companies offering work plus travel expeditions such as Temporary Local.

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These companies allows remote workers to blend work with travel, adventure & fun which essentially provide all possible infrastructures to enable digital nomads indulge in adventure, travel, fitness, learning, exploring cultural & historical affinity without keeping their unattended.

Such work plus travel retreat offerings are shaping up future of remote work. Besides, it also provides scope for employees to up skill their talent through skill sharing & professional development session at these work plus travel programs.

These all flexible working initiatives are helping corporations to improve their productivity & a better working relationship with the employee fraternity.

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