Afghanistan conflict: Panic grips Kabul as president leaves for undisclosed location


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Afghanistan conflict: Panic grips Kabul as president leaves for undisclosed location

The Taliban has taken over Afghanistan. After gaining control...

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The Taliban has taken over Afghanistan. After gaining control of the capital Kabul, they are quickly leaving behind the US-led coalition that had a presence in the country for almost two decades.

After the victory, Ghani has reunited and was successful in leading a democratic government.

Earlier this day, a spokesman from the Taliban told Al Jazeera that: “The war is over.” At the same time, Kabul descended into chaos. Residents & foreigners are trying to escape.

At the capital’s international airport, witnesses said that staff had abandoned their desks and people were running to planes.

One of the reasons for the US’s move is to protect all embassy staff from imminent danger. Based on a statement by State Dept, military units are securing the perimeter.

In recent months, the Taliban have gained control of most of Afghanistan. One major city, Kabul, however, has held out against their offensive. In the space of just a few days they have made shocking progress in conquering other territories and many observers are shocked at how quickly everything is going

The insurgents were able to take over after most foreign troops left. Joe Biden, the United States’s President, defends America’s withdrawal of troops- he says it isn’t worth an “endless American presence” in another country.

More than 60 states have issued statements in connection to the situation in Afghanistan. They stated that peace and security should be restored for Afghans who deserve a life without fear.

The Taliban are also being asked to clear the way for any of their fighters who want to leave and keep major roads, airports, and borders open.

Taliban brass tells their fighters to enter Kabul after security forces left portions of the city. They said they were going in to prevent possible unrest & looting

Al Jazeera recently broadcasted footage of fighters inside the presidential palace. The fighters were holding guns, sparking panic among Egyptian citizens.

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