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Kofuku – Authentic Japanese & Oriental Experience

As soon as you enter the door at Kofuku, you’ll be greeted by “Irrashaimase” – welcoming you to the restaurant. I am a huge fan of Japanese culture and was transported there by the authentic interiors, overall decorations cultural artifacts – the vibes that the place exhibited.

We were seated in a private room with horigotatsu – which is a traditional Japanese table very near to the ground but has a recessed floor beneath – and thank god for that (I think we all know why!?!). The room had a huge window – which added to the overall appeal of it and we were lucky enough to get the room as the restaurant was pretty full.
Make sure you make reservation – as this seems to be the go-to place for all the Korean, Japanese and Expats in Delhi which amazingly constitute ~80% of footfall for the restaurant.

Now comes the main thing we went there for – FOOD and DRINKS!!!
We started with some sake – we were not going to miss it, and to our surprise – they have a sake festival going on for the whole month, where you get 40% off on the bottle of sake.
Unfortunately, I cant recall the names of the sake we tasted – My Bad!!! Once we were down one ochoko cup of sake – only then we realized we haven’t looked at the food menu and once we explored the food options, trust me we weren’t short for choices.
It covered everything one could dream off – from yakitori, okonomiyaki, ramen, soba, omurice, sushi, hotpots, mochi – the list goes on and on.

We wanted to stick with Japanese cuisine – so we started with yaki shitake, veg gyouza (pan fried), wasabi tiger shrimp and yakitori chicken.
I think we made pretty good choice – everything was just outstanding, especially the wasabi tiger shrimp – which took the crown, a must try and not to be missed.
It didn’t took much time for two of us to clean everything off the plates and we were ready to order some sushi. The choices were Super crunchy roll and Oh my god sushi which is the chef’s signature flaming sushi.

We had very little space left to eat by the time we finished all that – in the main we decided to order something light. Balinese curry which comes with a bowl of sticky rice – is a mildly spiced yellow coconut based curry.
Seeing Soba noodles available – we couldnt resist and order us a portion of kake soba which comes in dashi broth with is topped with some spring onions and inari.
For those wondering what Soba noodles are – they are traditional Japanese noodles which are made with buckwheat – much thinner than the udon or ramen noodles.

At this moment we just wanted to lay down and sleep but how can we leave without some dessert. Some space was made for dessert by roaming around the restaurant and admiring the interiors – we finally settled on Mochi (it’s a soft sticky rice cake which is pounded the hell out of it) ice-cream along with some sweet red bean paste.

This ended our Kofuku adventure and trust me – its as authentic as it can get.
Would like to thanks the staff who kept us well fed, food & drinks flowing and also informed us about various aspect of Japanese culture like how sake is poured.

And Thank you Kofuku for bringing authentic Japanese and oriental cusine to Delhi!!!

If you are looking to visit soon – they have a Sunday brunch and Wine Social which happens on last Saturday of every month, what else does one want?

Enjoy some pics from the visit:

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Author: Abhay Thakur