Is FROG the Future Of Work ? 🐸

A new breed of knowledge work organisation is taking shape known as FROG [Fully Remote Organisations].

They span from creative sectors, design, architecture, IT / software, social sector to fashion, financial services & even accounting. This breed is taking lead in talent pool against its competitors & is re-shaping the job market place.

FROG came into existence with growth in internet penetration & increase in online businesses. Unlike traditional businesses / organisations, FROG were never born on land but were created on a digital bandwagon.

With people / professionals finding other like minded people online, they starting building network / organisations digitally. As such, they never required an office space or a standard organisational setting to operate their businesses.

Automattic’s Matt Wullenweg is best example of how a FROG with 100% distributed team can lead successful businesses. With such a remote hiring strategy, Automattic makes sure that besides attaining its organisation objectives & reducing overheads, it also makes a social impact by reducing carbon footprint.

Organisations offering remote work care about what their team member produce/delivers not whether they spend large amount of time on work / together. They are more inclined towards trusting their employees & getting the work done notwithstanding where they are located.

With no headquarters or office spaces, fully remote teams keeps everyone on level playing field unlike traditional setting where unequal balances of power exists.

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Decade long back, FROG breed of organisations never existed since all the communications happened face-to-face. With the advent of internet & new communication tools, business is transacted digitally paving way for this model to grow.

Frog is the organisation structure of future & people have started realising this now. Sooner a large proposition of knowledge workers would be part of such remote culture.

Remote work is here to stay.

Around 90% of the US workforce are striving for flexible work environment & have shown inclination towards remote working at-least on part time basis. A large portion of such workers prefer to save time while travelling to office.

As such workers are either forcing these traditional mindset companies to either resort to remote working or are looking to few age companies/start-ups such as Temporary local which provide options for work plus travel.

This new age concept not only provides access to large talent pool across the world but also a building block for a better employee retention at low cost since there is no office space cost. Hiring is not limited to one physical location.

distributed work

FROG have opportunity to hire from across the world. Besides, such an operative model also provide an opportunity to work round the clock leading to better customer response rate.

Remote working also provide ample opportunity to employees for personal travel without keeping their work unattended, paving way for concept of work plus travel programs.


Recently, I had published an Interview with Sakshi & Sushant of Temporary Local on Remote work and how they are planning to build a new work environment in India.

A lot of traditional organisations such as Dell, Salesforce etc are trying to adopt a hybrid way of working & as such have starting hiring remote workers.

However, hybrid model has its own share of pitfalls. Such a hybrid model requires organisations to have consent from apex management for re-framing of working policies & culture. On the other hand, FROG are better equipped to frame the policies & develop a culture which works in their favour.

Going by the trend, we could foresee majority of organisations going fully remote & 100% distributed teams. As & when more companies realise the inherent benefits of going remote, they will create more value than their peers.

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