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Cafe Wink – Delhi’s best cafe?

If you stay in East Delhi specially near Anand Vihar – I’m pretty sure you must have visited Cafe Wink couple of times. If you still belong to a fraction of people who havent visited the cafe, then you must have heard about it. This is a success story which has very humble beginning – starting from a small cafe right in the heart of Shreshtha Vihar to becoming one of the most sought after dining spot.

Being a skeptical person, decided to check out what the buzz was all about on my Instagram feed – you could not scroll the feed without a post which was all gaga over the place and food.

Visited the cafe during lunch hour with friends on a weekday and the place was half full. My first impression – decent looking interiors with a semi open kitchen, the best part so far was the respite from the Delhi’s summer.

I started with the most talked about shake on the Instagram (I know I know – just exaggerating here) and rated as the best in Delhi – the Kit Kat Shake.
Followed by the Cheese Omelette, paneer & chicken tikka sandwich and loaded nachos – along with the 5 star shake, Brownie fudge shake, Tiramisu frappe, Blueberry Mojito
and Classic Mojito.

Everything that was served showed the passion behind with which everything was put together. The Kit Kat shake was thick, loaded with Kit Kat and topped with shaved Kit kat. 5 star shake was competing with the Kit Kat shake in every sense. The Brownie fudge shake was topped with a brownie.Tiramisu frappe was a class apart in itself and the Blueberry and Classic Mojito were truly refreshing.

We were awed, surprised, amazed, delighted, amused, convinced, captivated and all the superlatives one can think off with the food & drinks so far.

Not wanted to stop – the feast continued with Chilli cheese toast, Cheesy toast, Bruschetta, three cheese pasta, Red sauce pasta with Vodka, Cucumber Ice tea, classic Ice tea,
Strawberry shake with ice-cream, Hazelnut frappe & lastly Watermelon Mojito. I think this covers pretty much everything on the menu. The only thing we were not able to order was the lasagna

– that gives us another reason to visit again!!!

Could we rate this as the best cafe in Delhi – well IMO it is but if you have any doubt why don’t you visit the place and take a call – what’s the worse that could happen?

Enjoy some pics from the visit:

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Author: Abhay Thakur