Bo Tai – The Thai cuisine restro Delhi needed
Bo Tai – The Thai cuisine restro Delhi needed
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Bo Tai – The Thai cuisine restro Delhi needed

Bo Tai is the new contemporary Thai cuisine restro that recently open in Delhi and is the brain child of Zorawar Kalra. As soon as I got the news that Bo Tai is now open – it was just a matter of time before I made a reservation for a visit.
We visited Bo Tai on a lovely weekday afternoon – The first thing you will notice is the View of Qutub Minar, if it wasn’t a bright hot Delhi summer afternoon, surely would have opted for the outside sitting.IMG_9959

The restaurent is located on the first floor and as soon as you enter – you would be greeted by a huge wine rack and a warm welcoming smile.
The place is bright, warm and welcoming – with ample of sunlight filtering in on the interior sitting.Open terrace looks perfect for a romantic candle light dinner with your special one. The bar is another talking point – I could go on and on about but let focus on the food now.

I have always felt there is a scarcity of good Thai restro in the city of Delhi and Bo Tai perfectly fit the bill here.Thai cuisine is such an exciting amalgamation of flavours and the food here capture is absolutely beautifully.
We started with couple of there signature drinks and all you want to do is look at them and just enjoy how elegantly they have been presented.
It took me couple of minutes before I finally took a sip from the Instagram worth(trust me you will be clicking lots of pics) drink.


We started with the scallop carpachio – the thinly sliced scallops comes with a very complex flavours surrounding it. Stuffed mushrooms with corn and cheese were a vegetarian dream come true. This was followed by the chicken shrimp and veg dumpling – was amazing by the flavours they produce and even amazed by the colour of the dumplings – you need to see it to believe it.


Larb gai was presented in these cute little filo pastry cups and the vegeterian option was served with warm corn and coconut.
Crab cakes were delectable and the jack fruit taco – if a vegeterian wants to know how meat taste and feels on pallet – it is not be missed.
Butterfly shrimp with couscous and deconstructed paneer dish with fried veggies, cheese and rice – shared flavours which are both unique to Thai cuisine and very similar to Indian pallet. The main course consisted of Thai veg curry and lamp chops with Au jus, this was paired with some steamed rice and it they were just divine.


Dessert was another highlight (there was no shortage of highlights here), mango ice cream with kabocha pie.
If they have not told us, could not have guessed in a million year that we were eating kabocha. It was a perfect end to a perfect lunch and you could not ask for anything more.


Thai cuisine incorporates sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami and Bo Tai captures it so magnificently. No overpowering flavour – all were in harmony with each other and that’s what Thai cuisine is all about and that’s what Bo Tai has achieved.

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Author: Abhay Thakur