It’s so strange how you pass by a place for so long but never visit it and one day you decide that – “Hey, I know a place where we can go and grab some lunch”. This is exactly what happened here.

I have pass by Barrack 62 numerous time and out of blue moon decided to have lunch with a friend here. It’s located on the first floor of hotel Ascent Biz and as the name suggest it’s a barrack/jail theme based gastropub. We were not aware of that it’s a theme based establishment – we had our suspicions but never really gave much of a thought about it. The first thing you notice before you enter is the mug shot area. Don’t forget to take your mug sot – they will provide you with the slate too and it adds to the experience.

The area is divided as barracks with numbers given to each one of them – our’s was the barrack #12 by the window. By this point we were hungry and we started with the quintessential Masala peanuts which comes in a cute little bucket and it’s a must try too.
Peri peri fries comes in a mini shovel, Veg spring rolls, Loaded Nachos, Chilli paneer, Crispy corn and Chilli paneer thin crust pizza. I could go on and on about the Chilli paneer pizza – but you need to try it for yourself.

Food was not the only thing we ordered in drinks we tried Virgin sangria, Fruit punch
Crime scene – paan flavour, Masala Banta and Strawberry shake Once we finished all this and could not eat any more we ordered dessert. Behroopia Sundae is one thing – that you need to try for sure, it’s had three icecream scoop – Vanilla, Mango and Chocolate and was loaded with fruits.

It was a very pleasant experience overall with quick and prompt service, some really delicious food and surprisingly super pocket friendly prices. A must visit place if you looking for something fun and are tired of the run of the mill type of establishments around Noida.

Enjoy some pics from the visit:

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Author: Abhay Thakur